Adriana Lima Loves This Sunglasses Brand So Much, She Created Her Own Collection


Adriana Lima is wearing a cappuccino-colored Camilla and Marc powersuit when she offers me a tray of sunglasses to try on, insisting that I put on each pair before selecting my favorite. After debating for a few minutes, we land on a style named Love Valentina, which Lima designed in collaboration with Privé Revaux. The name is a nod to one of her daughters, and the design was years in the making.

Lima first discovered the affordable eyewear brand years ago at a mall kiosk in Miami, Florida. “[The] first thing in my mind [was], ‘they look so expensive,’” the former Victoria’s Secret Angel explains. The next thing she knew, she was buying up three pairs.

So when Lima recently got the chance to collaborate on her own eyewear line with the brand, she jumped at the opportunity. “I wanted to combine the kind of styles that I think are cool, and for me, that is iconic, is timeless, and [is something] you can wear any time,” she says, adding that the movie Atomic Blonde — which stars Charlize Theron, James McAvoy, and some bold sunnies — also inspired her designs. 

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