Ashley Benson says these $40 frames will 'always' be her favorite pair of sunglasses

Ashley Benson has long been an arbiter of style.

The actress, who became a household name during her seven seasons as Hanna Marin on “Pretty Little Liars,” is a front row fixture during fashion weeks and is constantly upping the game when it comes to her effortlessly cool street style.

Benson, 30, started bringing her style expertise to the masses as a co-founding partner of the affordable eyewear company, Privé Revaux, which launches several luxury capsule collections with celebrities like Adriana Lima, Madelaine Petsch and Olivia Culpo.

The brand’s latest capsule collection, Benzo x Bomer, comes in the form of its first-ever joint collaboration between Ashley Benson and fellow actor Matt Bomer. Benzo x Bomer features five completely unisex frame designs and was born out of an idea that Benson had during Pride Month last year.

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