‘Disrupter’ looks at low-cost prescription eyewear



As if disrupting the sunglass business wasn’t enough, serial retail entrepreneur David Schottenstein is back — again — with another idea that could be even bigger.

This time, Schottenstein’s celebrity-endorsed eyewear brand Prive Revaux will launch a line of prescription eyewear.

The glasses, complete with frames and prescription lenses, will be available starting October 9 for $59.99.

“The prescription side of the business was something we never planned on doing originally, but we realized there was a need after customers kept asking us about it,” Schottenstein said. “It seems like half the country wears glasses, and we kept getting customers tell us, ‘If I buy my frames from you and take them to my optometrist, I get raked over the coals for prescription lenses.’”

The price is even lower than Warby Parker, which promotes its prescription eyeglasses starting at $95.

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