Do Blue Light Glasses Live Up To The Hype? We Tried 5 Pairs From $18 - $145 & Here's What We Thought


Privé Riveaux, The Alchemist, $29.95 – $39.95 (non-Rx) or $129.95 – $139.95 (Rx)

Blue light-blocking mechanism: Anti-blue light coating

How I see myself using them: Casual phone scrolling throughout the day

What I thought: For starters, I was told that The Alchemist is one of JLo's favorites, so I felt very cool trying them. (Jamie Foxx and Olivia Culpo are among other celebs who have partnered with the brand.) The color distortion on these was noticeable at first, but not distracting — and again, my eyes definitely noticed when I took them off. (Running theme!) The glasses themselves are rather lightweight, but the nose pads took some getting used to since my regular glasses don't have them. (Privé does have pairs without the nose pads, too, if you'd rather.) I also think my pair might just have to be loosened a bit. Which brings me to ...


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