How to choose a flattering pair of sunglasses, according to your face shape

Best sunglasses for round faces

Prive Revaux Casino Nights Square Frames

Casino Nights


These sunglasses are UV- and blue light–blocking glasses. They're crafted from a durable metal frame and the lenses are available in three different colors: Gunmetal, Baby Blue and Milky Pink.

Prive Revaux The Audrey Cat Eye Frames

The Audrey


Inspired by the iconic actress, these cat eye frames come in six different colors. They bring a dramatic look to any outfit but are also functional — you can have your prescription lenses installed in this pair.

Best sunglasses for heart-shaped faces

Prive Revaux The Hollywood Aviator Frames



Channel your inner movie star with these Hollywood-inspired frames. From the lens color to the steel accents to the rimless design, they're bringing a high-end look that will make you feel like a celebrity.

For oval-shaped faces

Prive Revaux The Coco

The Coco


Everything about these frames might make them feel a little futuristic — which is why we are obsessed with the look. There's a color for every kind of outfit or sense of style.

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