Let’s talk about the gender-neutral eyewear collection you’ve created for Privé Revaux. How did it come to you?

The brand approached me along with Ashley [Benson]. I’m a huge fan of hers. I didn’t know a lot about Privé at the time, but when I checked the out online, I loved what they offered the customer – a modern and vintage feel, at an affordable price. And they didn’t fall apart when you put them on your face.

The collection was inspired by iconic eyewear in film history. How did you do your research?

A lot of the styles were inspired by iconic images that I already have in my mind. The Conrad is similar to the type that Paul Newman would always wear. The Cliffs were inspired by Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood. The Joels were inspired by Tom Cruise in the ‘80s, and so maybe there’s a little bit of Grace Jones thrown there as well. The Kents are my go-to style; I’ve worn similar ones since I started wearing glasses in my teens. The Macys are inspired by my mom and the frames she used to wear in the ‘80s…

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