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Prive Revaux Blue light blocking glasses

You or someone you know is probably already spending too much time on their smartphone or tablet. Then 2020 hit and that time increased dramatically. Blue light blocking glasses can help ease the eye fatigue that comes with too much gadget use, particularly at night, and I’ve particularly come to love Prive Revaux’s specs.

Yes, you can find cheap blue light blockers pretty much everywhere now, but the Prive Revaux’s frames are not only more stylish than most but they’re also more sturdy. Most of its frames are made of Italian acetate and they don’t feel as if they’ll snap if you apply even the slightest amount of pressure. You can also customize the amount of magnification you need if you’re using them as readers in addition to blue light blockers. While you can grab a single pair for around $30, QVC has a solid bundle that gives you two pairs for under $50.

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