We Asked Olivia Culpo To Model Every Pair Of Sunnies In Her New Privé Revaux Collection

Sunglasses are simply the only accessory that not only transform your look, but your entire mood, too. Slipping on the right pair of sunnies can make you feel like an entirely different person—a strong black cat-eye unleashes your inner fashion diva, oversized lenses make you feel like a celeb caught in paparazzi and classic gold aviators are your secret weapon to serving major beach babe energy. Luckily, finding the perfect pair to channel any mood is easy with Olivia Culpo’s Privé Revaux sunglasses collection, in which every style was inspired by an iconic woman worth emulating.

You’ve heard the names before—Audrey Hepburn, Jane Birkin, Jackie O and so many others who have been cemented into fashion history as style icons. The Olivia Culpo Collection features sunnies as timeless as the stars who inspired them. “I wanted these sunglasses to be very classic,” she tells STYLECASTER. “I have six styles, and they’re named after five different style icons that are very important and inspirational to me.” (The sixth style, if you’re wondering, is the Jane Birkin-inspired silhouette in a blue light-blocking eyeglass option.)

At $39.95 a pair, Culpo’s collection is affordable, but the high-fashion vibes are present nonetheless. “I’ve always been passionate about providing affordable fashion—accessible fashion, to people that want great style,” Culpo says. “To me, that’s something that I’m always looking for, and the price point for Privé Revaux has always been great.”

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