How Madelaine Petsch's Job as a Personal Assistant Prepared Her for 'Riverdale'

How Madelaine Petsch's Job as a Personal Assistant Prepared Her for 'Riverdale'
Before landing the role of Cheryl Blossom on The CW’s Riverdale, Madelaine Petsch worked three different jobs to pay rent. Between opening a coffee shop in the morning, being a personal assistant to a photographer in Venice during the day, and hosting at a restaurant in Beverly Hills at night, she managed to squeeze in time for auditions — 247, to be exact. "I used to write down every audition and the feedback I got," Petsch says.
Looking back, Petsch credits her family for helping her bounce back from bad auditions. "There were nights I was at home, crying, thinking I'd never make it. I’d get up the next day and go to the audition, do my best and try my hardest," she says. "My family totally supported me and believed in me and I think that’s a huge reason why I was able to do it for so long because otherwise I would have been probably more devastated."
When she finally entered Riverdale territory, Petsch says she read for a pilot as Betty. Four months passed before she got the call that she had been cast as Cheryl. "Whenever your agent and your manager are on the phone with you at the same time, you know they’re either going to give you the most amazing news or the worst news," she says. Thankfully, the former happened and nearly two seasons later, Cheryl is on the verge of singing her heart out for the show’s Carrie musical episode, set to air this Wednesday.
With another season on the way (The CW ordered a third helping of Riverdale earlier this year), Petsch is ready for anything. She's also found the time to create a capsule collection for Privé Revaux. "I’ve always had way too many pairs of sunglasses. It’s been my accessory of choice. I keep the same jewelry, mostly the same kind of style but my sunglasses always change," she says. "I was always a fan of the brand, and I love that they’re like really, really nice glasses at a very affordable price." (Each pair is just under $30.)
Whether it's curating a sunglasses collection or delivering another epic Cheryl Blossom speech, Petsch's pre-Riverdale experiences have been key. "Working those three jobs totally prepared me for what I’m doing right now. We work between 14 and 20 hours a day, five or six days a week… It’s a lot of hard work to be a series regular on a television show but it’s also the most fun I’ve never had," she says. "If you love what you’re doing, it doesn’t feel like work."
Petsch is wearing The Candy sunglasses (in black/rose gold) from her new capsule collection with Privé Revaux.
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