3 Frames for $75
Men's & Women's Designer Cut Off Sunglasses

For a sophisticated yet unique look, cut off designer sunglasses may just be what you are looking for. Today, there are a lot of things going on when it comes to style. Eyewear accessories are just the piece to make your mark, especially if you are aiming to inject individuality to your fashion. Cut off designer sunglasses are here to make the bold statement you never knew you could.

Whether you are planning to make an appearance at a party, or just head out to enjoy a relaxing afternoon with your friends, wearing a pair of cut off sunglasses can play up your wardrobe. And with these frames from Privé Revaux being loved by celebrities, you’re sure to catch a few stares wondering where you got them. Our collection is all handcrafted and polarized to provide you with durable and high-quality frames you can be proud to show off. Expect these sunglasses to give you a timeless and distinctive look that will surely make heads turn. Available in The Socialite, The Cougar, The MILF, who will you be?

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  1. The Cougar - LIMITED EDITION
    The Cougar - LIMITED EDITION
  3. The Socialite - LIMITED EDITION
    The Socialite - LIMITED EDITION