3 Frames for $75
Men's & Women's Futuristic Designer Sunglasses

The Rockstar, The Nasty Woman, & The Madam. Three futuristic designer sunglasses by Privé Revaux that say it all. Whether you live on the edge, don’t take any sass from anyone, or exude an air of sophistication, these futuristic designer sunglasses come in a handful of colors so that you’ll always be able to be one of a kind. Made of triacetate cellulose, the lenses are scratch-resistant, provide 100% UV protection, and feature an anti-glare coating layer so that the wearer has maximum optical clarity. Lightweight frames are constructed with AAA-grade molded polycarbonate which makes them easy to wear yet solid if they happen to fall off or get banged around. 

These futuristic designer sunglasses are built to last and perfectly designed for the unisex wearer no matter where life takes them. With a fresh, futuristic style that is only available in limited quantities and cannot be imitated, you can set yourself apart from the crowd. Fashionable. Affordable. RX-able. How will you reframe yourself?

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  1. The Madam - LIMITED EDITION
  2. The Nasty Woman - LIMITED EDITION
    The Nasty Woman - LIMITED EDITION
  3. The Rockstar - LIMITED EDITION
    The Rockstar - LIMITED EDITION