3 Frames for $75
Men's & Women's Geometric Designer Sunglasses

Create a refined look with geometric designer sunglasses. Available in styles that scream “Not if I have anything to say about it.” The Artist, The Queen, and The Activist make a lineup of geometric designer sunglasses like no other. These designs are so popular with Privé Revaux that they are hard to keep in stock and often sell out very quickly. Constructed with injection molded polycarbonate and corrosion-resistant nickel silver, these designer frames are not only affordable, but they are also lightweight and comfortable. 

The Artist’s focus is finding creative potential by bringing color to an otherwise grey world. The Queen reigns supreme over all with class. The Activist is a force for change because they can see things clearly when others cannot. The geometric designer sunglasses from Privé Revaux are classy, durable, comfortable, affordable, and RX-able. Are you ready to make a change? Reframe yourself.

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  1. The Activist - LIMITED EDITION
    The Activist - LIMITED EDITION
  2. The Artist - LIMITED EDITION
    The Artist - LIMITED EDITION
  3. The Queen - LIMITED EDITION