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Men's & Women's Retro Designer Sunglasses

When it comes to your next pair of shades, you can’t go wrong with a pair of retro designer sunglasses. A favorite of many celebrities, these vintage pieces never go out of style. After all, these classics are still around for a reason. Not only that, retro designer sunglasses are an excellent choice for you or even if you are looking for an awesome gift that anyone would enjoy. The styles of the world are ever changing, but retro sunglasses are here to stay. No matter what your style preferences are, these frames can be an ideal addition to shape or complement any wardrobe.

Don’t let the word “designer” scare you away. Privé Revaux is here to change the face of affordable fashion. Forget about the hefty price tag that you often see in designer labeled sunglasses. Our selection of eyewear is suitable for everyone – even those who are on a budget. Our retro designer sunglasses are undeniably iconic and come in styles such as The Assassin, The Jetsetter, The Hitman, & The Underdog. With the great selection at a great price, reframe yourself today!

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  1. The Assassin
    The Assassin
  2. The Hitman - LIMITED EDITION
    The Hitman - LIMITED EDITION
  3. The Jetsetter - LIMITED EDITION
    The Jetsetter - LIMITED EDITION
  4. The Underdog - LIMITED EDITION
    The Underdog - LIMITED EDITION