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There are over half a billion people globally who cannot see clearly. Partnering with RestoringVision allows us to give back in a meaningful and impactful way, something every employee and customer of Privé Revaux can be proud of.

David Schottenstein, CEO at Privé Revaux

About RestoringVision

RestoringVision is a non-profit organization dedicated to distributing new reading glasses to charitable organizations and groups serving disadvantaged people in developing countries. Since 2003, RestoringVision has partnered with more than 1,400 organizations and helped over 15 million people in 130 countries.

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Changing Lives By Helping People See

An astounding 2.5 billion people worldwide suffer from uncorrected vision impairment. Many of these people need only reading glasses to correct their issues, but live in developing countries with limited or no access to them. That’s where we come in. We believe that BetterVision = BetterLife. And we’re working to give people just that.

How We Give

Providing access to reading glasses can have a profound impact on the lives of people living in impoverished communities. It enables them to work, live and play in ways like never before. We donate thousand of glasses to RestoringVision every year. Together, we can make a difference.


Thanks to our customers, we are able to support RestoringVision with glasses for those in need. Every purchase you make helps in our donations.