9 Trendy Beach Vacation Outfits [+ Best Colors & Accessories]

a couple wearing trendy beach vacation outfits

Choosing the perfect beach outfit is an art form in itself. All of the colors, textures, materials, and accessories you blend together matter—helping you create a look that is just as special as you are.

Whether you’re walking along the shore, basking in the sunshine, or riding along the waves, style is still at the forefront of your mind. You feel good so you want to look good too. And these trendy beach vacation outfit ideas will give you just the inspiration you need to make that happen.

Best Colors to Wear to the Beach

When it comes to styling great beach vacation outfits, color should be one of your first considerations. Not only does color choice play a functional role in the heat, but it can also help you stand out among the crowd.

To help you stay cool during the hottest hours of the day, choose tropical vacation outfits 

that are loose, airy, and lightly colored, such as whites, light grays, corals, yellows, or powder blue. Think pastels but don’t get stuck on hues that are really washed out. Feel free to be brave when working with this color palette. 

And when you want to really get noticed, break out some sexy vacation outfits in bold colors. Red, navy blue, hot pink, emerald green, burnt orange, and gold are all colors that pop against those pristine beach landscapes. 

Best Accessories to Wear to the Beach

Don’t forget to pack the essentials. Here are the top 6 accessories you simply must bring with you on your next beach vacation:


Vacation outfits are never complete without a great pair of sunglasses. Protect your eyes from harmful UV rays while accentuating your best facial features at the very same time. With so many frame shapes, lens tints, and materials to choose from, it’s always a good idea to bring several pairs and coordinate them with different outfits. 

a women wearing prive revaux sunglasses on the beach


Hats are a staple item for all tropical and sun-filled vacation outfits. Keep direct sunlight off of your face and stay cool in the shade. With floppy hats, fedoras, brimmed hats, sun visors, and baseball caps at your disposal, you create a variety of signature looks you’ll love.

a man wearing a hat and sunglasses on vacation


Vacation outfits for women are never complete without a great pair of strappy sandals. Heel or no heel, choose from a variety of fresh colors and beaded, braided, or rhinestone accents to show off your pedicure in style.


Whether you are heading to Hawaii, Mexico, the Caribbean, or some other sandy location, be sure to grab a large tote, cross-body bag, or market bag to carry your sunscreen, chapstick, keys, and cell phone while enjoying the shoreline.

Hair Clips

Hair clips are another essential item for your next beach vacation. Large claw clips, boho bandeaus, hair ties, and scrunchies all help you tame your hair from those whipping coastal breezes. Beachy waves are sexy, but knotted-up hair is not.

a woman wearing a scarf and colorful sunglasses on vacation

Fashion Jewelry

Who says you can’t wear jewelry to the beach? Hoop earrings, shell necklaces, friendship bracelets, and bangle bracelets are just a few of the pieces that can take your beach outfit to the next level. Intermix metals and bright colors to show off your unique personality. 

Beach Vacation Outfit Ideas

Still feeling stuck on what to wear? Here are 9 beach vacation outfit ideas that are sure to inspire you:

Bathing Suits

Every dip in the ocean requires a trendy, well-fitting bathing suit. Pair your favorite bikini with a scrunchie and round sunglasses or your sassy one-piece with a straw hat and a pair of oversized sunglasses. The man in your life will look incredible with board shorts and a pair of aviators.

beach vacation outfit idea by prive revaux


Stepping out of the waves for a bit? Tie a patterned sarong over your bathing suit and slip your sandals back on to protect your feet from the hot sand. Don’t forget to round out your look with a chic pair of square sunglasses.

sarong as part of the tropical vacation outfit


Grabbing a bite at a beachside restaurant? Throw on a striped cover-up, grab your tote bag, and head to your table in a trendy pair of octagon sunglasses. If it gets a bit windy while you eat, pull your hair back with a large claw clip.

prive revaux sunglasses paired with a beach cover up

Crochet Clothing

When it’s time for you to rent bikes and ride on the boardwalk, slip into a two-piece crocheted outfit, wedges, and cat eye sunglasses. Some gold studs and rings are a fun little upgrade.

crochet outfir with sunglasses by prive revaux

Sun Dresses

Mini, midi, and maxi sun dresses are always a great choice when traveling to the coast. Elevate your look with a cross-body bag, hoop earrings, and oversized sunglasses. If you plan to be out after the sunsets, sling a jean jacket over your arm now. You won’t regret it.

sundress styled with sunglasses by prive revaux

Crop tops

A cute crocheted crop top and a pair of pleated shorts look incredible when paired with some gold bangles and square sunglasses. And what better outfit for a picnic at a nearby park.

crop top and sunglasses as vacation outfit idea


Sipping frozen cocktails before the day cools down? Wear a one or two-piece jumpsuit, a pair of leather sandals, and some cat eye sunglasses. Wood or leather earrings bring a touch of femininity to the outfit.

jumpsuit vacation outfit idea


As the sun sets and you’re ready to check out the local nightlife, change into a cool, crisp white button-up and suede skirt with cat eye sunglasses. A jean button-up with beige flowy pants and aviators is on trend too.

button up vacation outfit with sunglasses

Knit Tops

Men's vacation outfits should never revolve around old t-shirts. Suggest he wear a knit top, jeans, and some navigators.

men's vacation outfit idea knit top

Vacation Outfits

With an eye for fashion, you can assemble cute vacation outfits with clothing items you already own and just a handful of new accessories that are both fabulous and fun. At Privé Revaux, we have an entire line of trendy sunglasses that can elevate those couple's vacation outfits for you and your partner. Check out the many types of sunglasses we offer now and check one more item off your vacation packing list.

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