Fashion Sunglasses for Every Occasion: From Beach to Red Carpet


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Fashion sunglasses are the most versatile accessory in your entire wardrobe. They protect your eyes from the sun's harmful rays and can also prevent fine lines and wrinkles, hold your hair back from your face, and be carried safely around your neck on a sunglasses chain. 

They’re also the perfect way to elevate your look for every occasion. From a casual backyard barbecue to a day at the beach, your commute to work, or a glamorous charity event at a local vineyard, attractively styled sunglasses can transform any outfit you own in a matter of seconds. 

And having several different pairs allows fashion-forward individuals like you to express themselves in a variety of fun and unique ways.

Discover the Perfect Sunglasses for Every Setting

While pairing the perfect sunglasses with each occasion may come naturally to some, others need more information before their next purchase. So we present the following advice for your convenience.

Casual Classics: Daily Wear Sunglasses

Square, aviator, and navigator sunglasses make an excellent option for a simple day out. Each of these sunglass types fits a variety of different face shapes rather well, provides full eye coverage for the wearer, and holds universal appeal among the masses—making them suitable for everyday use. 


the maestro fashion sunglasses by prive revaux
Featured product: The Maestro Sunglasses 


Selections include various frame colors and colorfully tinted lenses to match your clothes and make your surroundings appear more vivid. And don’t be afraid to use a pair of bold or brightly-colored sunglasses to add a pop of unexpected color!

tinted lens fashion sunglasses the commando
Featured product: The Commando 2.0

Glam Up with Show-Stopping Elegance

Need a more dramatic look? Oversized and cat eye sunglasses add a touch of elegance to any outfit, helping you look your best at red-carpet events and other high-profile gatherings. 

cat eye fashion sunglasses by prive revaux
Featured product: Sunset Place 

Coordinate them with a metal sunglasses chain, slinky black dress, suit, stilettos, or dress shoes to complete a flawless look. Evening wear has never looked so classy! 

Daringly Distinct: Stand Out with Unique Shades

And if you’re going for a quirky or eclectic vibe, round, octagon, and geometric sunglasses are ideal for any trendsetter. Why blend in when you can stand out in the crowd? 

Choose a bold frame and pair it with a floral print or a brightly colored button-up. Little did you know just how easy getting a new pair of shades could get people talking. 

the victoria fashion sunglasses by prive revaux
Featured product: The Victoria

Sporty Sunglasses for Adventure Seekers

Of course, there’s always a need for both functionality and style as well. When looking for the right pair of polarized sunglasses for your active lifestyle, consider rectangle, shield, or oval sunglasses, which give you that sporty look while you’re hiking, biking, kayaking, or climbing.

deuces fashion sunglasses prive revaux
Featured product: Deuces

These types of sunglasses wrap around your face, staying firmly attached, and often have durable nylon or polycarbonate frames that hold up during outdoor activities and cut glare so you can see unobstructed while playing sports or exercising.   

Dress for the Moment: Matching Sunglasses with Occasions

The beauty of sunglasses is that you can never have too many pairs. Like ties and clutches, designer sunglasses are one of those accessories that keep giving. When styled correctly, they pair well with any outfit and help you look your best for any occasion.

There are many variables to consider when styling an outfit with sunglasses. And the clothes you wear aren’t the only thing you should remember. 

To help you create an individualized look that you can be proud of, here are six styling tips that we recommend:

Consider the Occasion

Just like clothes or shoes, certain sunglass types are perceived to be more casual or formal than others. So, the first thing you want to do when styling an outfit with sunglasses is to consider the occasion. 

Heart-shaped lenses or brightly-colored frames may work better for casual events, like hanging out at the park. In contrast, oversized lenses or tortoiseshell frames may work better for formal occasions, like attending an outdoor wedding.

the maestro fashion sunglasses mens
Featured product: The Maestro

Harmonious Hues: Coordinating Your Colors

When selecting the perfect pair of either men’s or women’s sunglasses, you also want to coordinate colors. Think about the clothes you’ll be wearing, any additional accessories that are part of your look, and the color of your shoes. 

While your sunglasses don’t have to be matchy-matchy with everything you have on, you don’t want them to clash.

Choose the Right Frames for Your Skin Tone

Another styling tip to remember is to ensure your sunglasses match your skin tone. While yellow lenses or bright green frames may look great on your friend, they could leave you looking washed out or even give you a ruddy complexion. 

Find out which colors pair well with your skin tone and stick with them. 

Experiment with Lens Shapes

Like skin tone, specific lens shapes look better on some people than others. So, when styling an outfit, experiment with different lens shapes and see which ones are most flattering.

Comfort Meets Chic: Ensuring an Easy Wear

Finding the perfect fit for your sunglasses is one of the most important steps when adding to your eyewear selection, and comfort is key.

If certain styles of sunglasses are constantly sliding down, pinching your nose, or leaving the back of your ears sore, get rid of them and find a pair that both looks good and feels good. 

alchemist mens fashion sunglasses
Featured product: The Alchemist

Embrace Your Unique Flair & Personal Style

Fashion is very subjective, so there’s no right or wrong way to style a pair of sunglasses. When all else fails, go with what makes you feel good. Because when you feel good, you’ll look good.

Finding the Perfect Sunglasses

Are you looking to keep up with all the latest trends in Hollywood this year? If so, having a variety of fashion sunglasses in your wardrobe is a must. You’ve already covered the scarves, belts, jewelry, socks, and hats, so now it’s time to upgrade your sunglasses game. 

Fortunately, Privé Revaux will make your next shopping experience easy. Blending affordability, trendiness, and quality, we offer a wide variety of luxury sunglasses that fit your unique lifestyle. Check out our line of stylish frames and functional lenses today!

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