Dare to Dazzle: Best Glasses for Diamond Face Shapes

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We get it, shopping for glasses that encompass your personality and style is hard, and for more reasons than just one.

Between the transient shapes, the colors, and the fit itself, it can all become an all-too-familiar resemblance of Cinderella and the glass slipper.

But what makes finding a flattering pair even harder is when you have one of the rarest face shapes - the diamond.

The diamond face shape, often referred to as people with strong angular lines, comes with its own unique set of challenges in terms of picking out the perfect frames (aka glasses for diamond-shaped faces).

We have comprised this comprehensive ‘glasses for diamond face shape’ guide; all in an effort to help point you in the right direction to accentuate your intrinsic features.


If you're wondering if you have a diamond face shape, there are a few key characteristics to consider:

  • Your forehead and your jawline are about the same in width.
  • The most prominent part of your face is your cheekbones.
  • Your face appears narrower at eye level.
  • Your chin is pointed. 
  • Your face length and width are roughly the same dimensions.

Typically, those with diamond-shaped faces have a narrow hairline and jawline, while the defined cheekbones are the widest part of the face. This is what ultimately creates that distinctive diamond-like shape.

Some famous examples of those with diamond face shapes include Rihanna, Vanessa Hudgens, and Scarlett Johansson.

That said, take a quick look in the mirror or snap a selfie without any hair hiding your face and see if you resonate with the following qualities.

Once you've determined your face shape (diamond or other), you can use that information to help guide you on things like makeup choices, hairstyles, and of course, your eyewear.


For those searching for glasses for diamond-shaped faces, it is better to avoid angular and rectangular shapes as they can make your facial features look harsher. Your best bet is to select frames that can soften and balance your features.

For instance, frames with curved edges, oval shapes, and cat-eye styles are perfect for accentuating your facial definition and truly enhancing your features – especially those cheekbones!

#1: Cat-Eye Glasses

Anyone sporting a diamond-shaped face should certainly consider adding a cat-eye frame to their inventory. This style offers a top-heavy structure that balances out the narrow points of your face while also drawing attention to those lovely cheekbones.

With curved edges at the bottom of the frames, cat-eye frames create a flattering look that highlights the beauty of your natural features. Overall, cat eyes are an excellent choice for those with diamond-shaped faces and for those who appreciate retro fashion.

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#2: Round and Oval Glasses

Round frames are a popular option for diamond-shaped faces as they add softness to the defined cheekbones, jaw, and chin. These frames come in various shapes and sizes and can give off an intellectual, artsy, or retro vibe.

Oval frames, sometimes known as walnut glasses, take the round frames a step further by adding extra width around the eyes to balance out the diamond shape of the face.

Overall, round and oval frames are some of the best glasses for a diamond face because their shape, which is a bit narrower at the eye line, can deliver extra emphasis to your eyes.

TIP: When picking out round or oval frames, it is essential to try them on to ensure the right size for your face. Choosing frames that are too big or small can have the opposite effect by highlighting the angularity of your features instead.

round glasses and sunglasses for diamond faces by prive revaux

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#3: Pilot Glasses

Where style and functionality meet, pilot glasses (aviator-style glasses) can be a great choice to complement your diamond-shaped face if you opt for a wide pair. These glasses are perfect for offsetting a narrow forehead and hairline, making your face appear more symmetrical.

In addition, the added details on the brow line also help create the illusion of width and draw more attention to your eyes. From a style perspective, aviators are a timeless classic that will always be a fashion staple, giving you the confidence to wear them for years to come.

aviator glasses for diamond face by prive revaux

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#4: Browline Glasses

Browline glasses are a popular top-heavy eyewear option that enhances the diamond-shaped appearance by defining the face.

The thick rims provide a bold and distinctive line over the eyes, drawing emphasis to the glasses and adding an attractive touch to your overall look.

The rimless bottom of the glasses creates a balanced, sleek look that complements skin tone and draws attention to the cheekbones.

Moreover, this design is particularly flattering as it diverts attention away from the jawline and highlights the contrast between the glasses and your cheekbones.

browline glasses for diamond face shapes by prive revaux

Featured Product: The Bruce

#5: Horn-Rimmed Glasses (Browline Sub-Style)

Horn-rimmed glasses have remained popular for decades due to their classic style and practicality. The distinctive appearance of horn-rimmed glasses comes from their strong accents and softly curved rims, making them a perfect choice for those with diamond face shapes.

One of the most notable benefits of horn-rimmed glasses is that they add weight to the narrower top part of the face, enhancing overall facial balance and creating a visually appealing look as they draw the eye upwards.

Fun Fact:  Horn-rimmed glasses first gained popularity in the 1940s and 1950s, favored by intellectuals, artists, and Hollywood icons such as Buddy Holly and Marilyn Monroe.

Since then, they have become a cornerstone in the world of fashion, continuously evolving and adapting to modern trends while maintaining their iconic design.

horn rimmed glasses for diamond faces by prive revaux

Featured Product: The Alchemist


As a quick disclaimer, style is subjective. If you are happy and confident with the frames you choose, then that is all that really matters.

However, if you are seeking the best styles that work with diamond faces objectively, then below are some frames to consider steering away from.

  • SQUARE SHAPES – Since diamond faces are often angular, we recommend avoiding square frames. The angular nature of square frames can make your eyes seem narrower and unbalance your wider cheekbones.
  • OVERSIZED FRAMES – As noted earlier, choosing the right-sized frames is important for aesthetics, functionality, and comfort. If you opt for oversized frames, they can make your diamond face look small or bunched, which can be unflattering.
  • SMALL GLASSES – Building on the previous point, frames that are too small can also have a negative effect if you have a diamond-shaped face. Small frames can make your forehead look narrower and your cheekbones appear wider.


In summary, finding the best glasses for diamond face shapes might sound daunting, but it doesn't have to be that way!

With a wide selection of quality frames that blend style with affordability, shopping for glasses for diamond-shaped faces can be an exciting experience. Understanding how each frame can complement your features adds to the enjoyment.

As a final note, we know how valuable looking and feeling good is. Because of that, always remember that the above guidance is just that…guidance, not rules.

All in all, there are no rules when it comes to frame choices, and you have the ultimate freedom to diverge and make your own statement if you wish to.

Ultimately, as long as you go with a style that elevates your confidence and happiness, you’ll never go wrong!

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