Retro Sunglasses: Elevating Your Look with Vintage Glam

retro sunglasses mens and womens by prive revaux

New trends come and go, but certain looks remain timeless from one decade to the next. When you find a style you love, it feels good to see it stand the test of time. After all, you look and feel incredible in it, so you want to continue wearing your favorite pieces for as long as you possibly can.

Unfortunately, accessory items simply don’t last forever. Wear and tear happens to the best of them, and at some point, you’ll have to invest in something new. But fear not. Retro pieces are the answer to all your problems.

Vintage style sunglasses, in particular, offer you the quality craftsmanship of modern technology, enhanced eye protection, and the classic look you’ve been searching for—all at an affordable price. Adopt the look of vintage glam and get noticed every time you step outside your door.

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Retro Style

Retro style is a design aesthetic that is deeply rooted in popular culture from the past. Think of it as a modern twist on classic elements that is often found in niches like fashion, cars, home decor, and entertainment.  

Picture high-waisted jeans, spoilers, atomic patterns, and cover songs. Each of them is an excellent example of vintage charm making a comeback in fashion, automobile design, home decor, and music, respectively.

Knowing that humans love to reminisce by nature, creators of all things new will often use cultural and historical connections from the past to evoke an emotional response to their products. And doesn’t it feel good to find a product that has special meaning for you?

Check out the latest styles in retro sunglasses in men’s and retro sunglasses in women’s. You’re sure to find several types of sunglasses with vintage appeal that speaks to you.

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Retro Style Sunglasses

Like other timeless classics that continue to make a comeback, both men’s retro sunglasses and women’s retro sunglasses are really in right now. Paired with vintage-inspired clothes, retro sunglasses can elevate your look and help you embody the spirit of iconic designs that get you noticed.

Bridging the gap between history and modern day, these classic sunglasses make an impact on your wardrobe and culture, in general. From cat eye to tortoiseshell and aviators to geometric, unique style choices are plentiful, helping you express your personality and your love for fashion.

retro cat eye sunglasses

Retro vs. Vintage Sunglasses

But first things first, what is the difference between retro vs. vintage sunglasses?

Simply put, retro sunglasses for men and women are newer models, built with high-quality materials, modern construction, and UV-protected lenses. Based on looks from the past, retro sunglasses are durable and versatile replicas of the most popular styles trending over time. And since they are mass-produced, they are much more affordable for any budget.

Vintage sunglasses for men and vintage sunglasses for women, on the other hand, are those that were produced in decades past. Made from materials available in the 70s, 80s, or 90s, men’s vintage sunglasses are the authentic version of sunglasses you’ve seen in places like the big screen, including aviators or sports frames, while vintage sunglasses in women’s are those you’ve seen on the runway, including square and oversized frames. That being said, vintage sunglasses tend to be quite rare and cost-prohibitive in many cases.

70s Retro Sunglasses

Some of the most quintessential retro men’s sunglasses and retro women’s sunglasses originated in the 70s. In fact, 70s retro sunglasses are still everywhere you look—even today.

Largely influenced by the economy, politics, movies, and music, the sunglasses style from way back then continues to influence a whole new generation of wearers. When you see a great pair of aviators, tortoiseshell pattern, or tinted lenses, you have the 70s to thank. And don’t forget about oversized frames, double bridge frames, thick frames, and square frames because they were all made popular in the 70s.

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80s Retro Sunglasses

Thanks to an economic boom, 80s retro sunglasses were heavily influenced by high-end fashion labels and futuristic charm. 

Styles like cyclops shades, triangular lenses, wayfarers, and neon-colored frames were hot in the 80s. And there’s no mistaking them when they’re seen on TV today.

80s retro sunglasses mens

90s Retro Sunglasses

Style from the 90s was all about celebrity watching, and sunglasses style was no exception. Interestingly enough, the 90s retro sunglasses that continue to be in style today are often those seen being worn by A-list stars and social media influencers.

Want to recreate the look? Grab a pair of retro oval sunglasses, rectangle, hexagonal, rimless, or colored frames.

retro square sunglasses by prive revaux

Elevate Your Look with Privé Revaux

Shopping for retro sunglasses has never been easier. Privé Revaux has a wide variety of economical options to choose from, and each of them offers Instagram-worthy style you’ll love.

If retro round sunglasses are your thing, try on a virtual pair of our Sunfest sunglasses, Morningside, By the Bay, or the Riviera to name a few.

Or, if retro square sunglasses are more your speed, check out Port Miami, DB Touch, The New Yorker, or Jet Life to start.

We also offer retro aviator sunglasses, like The Commando, Bijou, and Fuego, and retro rectangle sunglasses, like On the Rocks.

Not to be outdone by our other options, our Sunfest and The Madam models are great examples of our oversized retro sunglasses while The Chica and The Hepburn are popular retro cat eye sunglasses in our line.

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Retro Sunglasses for All Wearers

Retro style sunglasses make the perfect conversation starter. Just imagine how it feels when you’re out in public and you see someone wearing an accessory that totally speaks to you. You can’t help but strike up a conversation and, the next thing you know, the two of you are basking in nostalgia, thinking back to a time and place where you first discovered that style.

Ready to turn heads and make new connections of your own? Check out all of our retro sunglasses for men and retro sunglasses for women. Before you know it, you’ll be in the spotlight whenever you leave the house.

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