The Best Glasses for Round Faces

round face shape characteristics

When choosing a new pair of glasses, understanding your face shape can serve as a helpful guide in selecting frames that will compliment you.

In this article, we’ll be focusing on round faces in particular. There are several frame shapes that tend to work well for round faces and we’ll share those shortly, but first, let’s determine if you’re in the right place.


Do You Have a Round Face Shape?

Defining your face shape isn’t an exact science, and most people’s faces aren’t a perfect representation of one shape.

Rather, figuring out your face shape entails examining your facial features (namely, your jaw, cheekbones, and forehead) and seeing what face shape they most closely resemble.

So, what makes a face round? Here are the most defining features:

  • Soft curves and smooth lines  
  • Full cheeks
  • Cheekbones are the widest part of the face
  • Jaw and forehead are roughly the same width
  • Rounded chin with few angles

If the above features more or less match yours, you likely have a round face (or at least a round-ish face!).

Don’t have a round face? Click here to determine your face shape and learn what glasses shapes might work best for you.  

best glasses for round face

Best Glasses and Sunglasses for Round Faces 

Those with round faces have a wide variety of options to choose from when it comes to frame shapes. While we will be talking about glasses in general, the advice in this guide applies to sunglasses as well   

The best sunglasses and glasses for a round face will contrast and balance the soft curves of this face shape with frames that have strong, angular lines. Here are our top pick for frame that accomplish exactly that.

Featured product: La Noche

Rectangular Glasses

Rectangular glasses and round faces go together like peanut butter and jelly. This frame shape offers sharp angles and clean lines that contrast the gentle curves of round faces. Due to their width, rectangular frames can also make your face appear longer and slimmer.

As one of the most popular frame shapes, you’ll have many options to choose from in terms of colors and accents.

Featured product: Jet Life, The City

Square Glasses 

A cousin of rectangular frames, square glasses also top the list of best glasses for round faces. The simple, straight lines and geometric corners add angles and balance to soft features without overpowering them. They can also create the illusion of a longer, slimmer face.

With their distinctly vintage vibe, square frames are a stylish choice for anyone who feels their round face needs a bit of contouring.

Featured product: The Chica, The Hepburn

Cat-Eye Glasses 

Cat-eye glasses mesh well with round faces because the signature upswept corners have a flattering “lifting” effect on fuller cheeks. This frame shape also does a beautiful job of highlighting the eyes and browline.

Cat-eye frames are ideal for those with round faces seeking a bold, vintage look that is sure to stand the test of time.  

browline glasses for round face shape

Featured product: The Bruce

Browline Glasses

Also known as semi-rimless glasses, browline frames feature a bold, thick line on the top rim, which looks similar to eyebrows.

While this frame shape doesn’t add a lot of angles, its silhouette can create the illusion of length, effectively slimming the appearance of the face. 

oversized glasses for round faces

Featured product: Viva La Vida

Oversized Glasses 

Regardless of the shape, oversized frames tend to work well on round faces. The soft features of this face shape provide an excellent canvas for big, bold, colorful frames that allow you to express your style, personality, and creativity.

Round Faces The Glide

Featured product: The Glide

Pilot Glasses

While some might argue that pilot-style glasses are too rounded for round-faced folks, a good case can be made for the teardrop shape. Pilot glasses can frame round faces, highlighting the gentle curves of your face in an understated way. 

Stick to pilot glasses with thin frames, as a thick, bold frame might highlight your rounded features a bit too much.

Glasses Shapes That Might Not Mesh Well with Round Faces 

glasses that don't look good on round faces

As we explained above, opting for frames that contrast your features is the key to choosing the best glasses for your round face shape. The following frame shapes have the opposite effect and are typically avoided by people with round faces.

Round and Oval Glasses 

Can people with round faces wear round glasses? That’s a common and perfectly reasonable question. Of course, you can wear round glasses, but they might not be the optimal choice.

This is because round-shaped glasses on a round face can make your face appear fuller and rounder than it really is. If you want to avoid that, you might want to skip round- and oval-shaped glasses.

Small-Framed Glasses

Small frames tend to not work well for similar reasons. They can highlight the fullness of a round face, making it look larger. Leave the small glasses to those with small faces.

Clear Glasses

Transparent frames can work on round faces, but because they don’t stand out, you’ll miss out on the balancing and contrasting benefits of frames featuring more noticeable colors.

The best frame colors for round faces tend to be black, brown, tortoiseshell, red, blue, and purple.


Find the Right Glasses for Your Round Face 

While we hope this guide gave you some inspiration and direction for choosing glasses that complement your round face, remember that what’s most important is selecting a pair you truly love.

If you see a pair of glasses that are calling your name, but they go against these guidelines, don’t let that stop you from making them yours. If you love them, your confidence and personality are sure to shine while wearing them.

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