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Low Nose Bridge Glasses: 13 Must-Have Styles for Every Face!

Woman Wearing Low Nose Bridge Glasses from Prive Revaux

When it comes to wearing glasses, it's not just about getting the right style; the fit of the glasses or sunglasses plays a significant role in both appearance and functionality.

In addition, even the best glasses on display may not actually look the best if they don’t rest on your face properly. After all, holding glasses firmly is good, but not enough – they should also fit aesthetically.

All in all, a frame dangling too low or too high can affect appearance and vision. While it can be easy for the frames to rest on your ears, the real comfort and fit depends on where the nose pad is placed.

For those with a low nose bridge, this small but important placement detail can make all the difference for customers in search of well-fitting glasses.

Whether you’re here to see if Privé Revaux sells low nose bridge glasses and sunglasses or want to know more about the fit, below you'll find a deep dive into the significance of 'nose bridge.'

Even more, how to pick the perfect low bridge glasses that are as fashionable as they are functional.

Low Nose Bridge Eyeglasses from Prive Revaux

Low Nose Bridge – Explained

The nose bridge is an essential part of the human nose, which determines the shape and structure of this facial feature. Generally, people have a high nose bridge that starts from the upper part of the forehead between their eyes. 

However, some individuals may have a low nose bridge that starts slightly lower than usual. The difference between a high vs low nose bridge may seem subtle, but it can significantly impact the right glasses and sunglasses to wear. 

To tell if you have a low bridge nose, try this exercise:

  • Step One: Pinpoint the top of your nose bridge with your index finger. 
  • Step Two: Align your finger above, either in line with or below your pupils. 
  • Step Three: If your finger is in light with or below your pupils, then you may have a low nose bridge. 

While standard eyeglasses are designed to fit individuals with a higher nose bridge, low-bridge glasses, also known as Asian fit glasses or Omni fit, are specifically crafted to cater to individuals with a lower nose bridge. 

If you find that standard frames don't fit well, it may be time to give Asian-fit glasses/sunglasses a try. These glasses feature thicker nose mount pads, elevating the frames from the cheekbones and fitting snugly on the nose without pinching or sliding.

Overall, low bridge glasses and sunglasses are not entirely different from standard ones. Things like style, color, and materials would be similar, but the design and nose mount pad position would be different - placed slightly lower to settle on your face snugly.

Glasses for Low Nose Bridge – Characteristics & Features

What are the characteristics of low nose bridge glasses and sunglasses? These types of glasses are designed to accommodate the unique facial features of individuals with lower nose bridges, as well as those with higher cheekbones and wider set faces. 

Typically, glasses are made to fit the nose bridge of people with high nose bridges, which means that they tend to slip down the faces of those with low nose bridges. This can be pretty frustrating and annoying if you have to constantly push your glasses up. 

Low bridge fit glasses solve this problem by having nose pads that are specifically positioned to fit a lower nose bridge. 

This extra stability prevents pain and marks on the nose (making these glasses feel more like a part of your face rather than something you are wearing) and ensures that your glasses stay put and won't be constantly slipping down your face. 

Other low bridge nose glasses features include:

  • Temple Arms With A Slight Curve

To accommodate a wider temple-to-temple distance, low nose bridge glasses often have temple arms that slant slightly outward. This design offers more space and stability for all-day comfort.

Low Nose Bridge Eyeglasses with Curved Temple Arms
  • Adjusted Lens Design

Tired of constantly adjusting your glasses throughout the day? The lenses on low bridge glasses are often sloped upward and away from the cheekbones. This design allows for easier movement, talking, and smiling without worrying about your glasses slipping or rubbing against your face.

Low Nose Bridge Eyeglasses with Adjusted Lens Design
  • Flexible Nose Pads

Along with the nose pads being a feature of themselves, they are also highly adjustable to accommodate different nose bridge shapes and sizes. Even if you have a low-bridge nose, every face is unique, making adjustability ideal to attain that perfect fit and ultimately maximize comfort.

Low Nose Bridge Eyeglasses with Flexible Nose Pads
  • Outward Tilting Lenses

Frames that rest on your cheeks while smiling or talking can often lead to discomfort or headaches. This is why low nose bridge glasses are designed with the lens tilted outward, providing a more comfortable fit and extra space between frames and cheekbones.

  • Improved Functionality

Low nose bridge glasses and low nose bridge sunglasses alike are designed to be functional, durable, and comfortable. They can withstand daily wear, making them ideal for people who need reliable eyewear for work, school, or everyday activities. This, of course, is also coupled with fashion/style in mind. 

Privé Revaux Frames for Low Nose Bridge

Unlike glasses designed for people with high nose bridges, Asian-fit eyeglasses and sunglasses are designed to sit comfortably on the face without slipping down the nose, providing a comfortable wearing experience for those with a low nose bridge.

The best part is that low bridge glasses are available in tons of styles, ranging from classic to trendy.

It's important to note that the term ‘Asian fit glasses’ doesn't just refer to those of Asian descent. Anyone with a low nose bridge can benefit from these types of glasses! They are an excellent investment for anyone who wants glasses that fit comfortably, securely and don't cause any discomfort or slippage.

The Venetian Sunglasses

The Venetian brings a touch of classic Hollywood glamour to any outfit, with its dramatic cat eye shape crafted from a combination of plastic and metal, making it perfect for any occasion - be it special or everyday wear.

The Maestro Sunglasses

The Maestro is a timeless favorite among fans thanks to its versatile round shape frame and classic keyhole bridge design, which also includes winged corners with pin-rivet detailing and comes in various popular colors to complement any outfit or occasion.

The Maestro X Sunglasses

 The Maestro X version offers versatile adaptability with its classic round shape, pin-rivet detailing on winged corners, and availability in an array of popular colors.

The Maestro Metal Sunglasses 

Experience unparalleled quality and sophistication with the new addition to the Maestro line, featuring handcrafted cellulose acetate frames and scratch-resistant, anti-glare lenses made with triacetate cellulose for maximum optical clarity; the perfect fit using spring hinges and lightweight construction.

The Maestro Metal X Reading Glasses 

This roomier version of the Maestro frame updates a classic silhouette with a clear colorway and modern, lightweight tapered metal arms, perfect for those with a scholarly and preppy sense of style.

Morphe Reading Glasses

Stand out with these bold, contemporary Morphe glasses featuring a thick cat eye shape with a squared-off bottom and a set-back temple mounted behind the frame, all while enjoying protection against harmful blue light and UV rays emitted from screens.

By The Bay Sunglasses

Get ready to get noticed with these sunglasses featuring an oversized square shape that exudes a timeless model-off-duty vibe, thin metal temples and a nose bridge for added glamour and versatility to elevate any outfit.

DB Touch Sunglasses

DB Touch's fashion and design details, inspired by Co-Founder Jamie Foxx, greatly excel with their completely rimless lens, drill-mounted metal bridge and temples with a color inlay, and a lens shape and coloring that is at the forefront of fashion.

The Heat Sunglasses

Elevate your style with The Heat frames, featuring a lightweight metal geometric silhouette and adjustable nose pads to promise a perfect fit while living up to its name with its fiery appeal in a top shelf must-have fashion accessory.

The Yorke Sunglasses

The Yorke Polarized Sunglasses are crafted using high-quality acetate plastic and boast a unique design with geometric angles, a keyhole bridge, triangular metal endpiece accents, and carved temple details, making them a top-notch choice in terms of quality, style, and aesthetics.

The Bimini Sunglasses

Introducing the striking Bimini sunglasses, featuring a distinctive geometric shape, frontal bevel detailing extending to the temples, and gradient lenses, making it the ultimate must-have accessory for those looking to exude effortless celebrity style. 

Collins Ave Sunglasses

Collins Ave exudes modern-luxe vibes with its essential shape, dimensional debossing, and playful flare that catches the eye, all complemented by a timeless matte finish.

So Famous Sunglasses

Introducing a bold and stylish oversized square shape, rejuvenated with thick temples for a contemporary edge while boasting gradient lenses for a sleek finishing touch.

Find Your Low Bridge Fit at Privé Revaux

Finding glasses that fit a low nose bridge can seem daunting, but it doesn't have to be. With a range of affordable and stylish frames to choose from, shopping for glasses can be an exciting and rewarding experience.

Not only that but understanding how each frame complements your unique facial features will give you the confidence to make an informed decision – all of which Privé Revaux firmly stands behind. 

We believe everyone should feel good and look good in their glasses. This is why at Privé Revaux, we offer a wide selection of fashion-affordable frames to make finding that perfect pair easy. 

And while our guidance can help you navigate the world of frame choices, always remember that there are no rules when it comes to personal style; so don't be afraid to experiment, discover, and above all, make your own statement!

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