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Cool Reading Glasses of 2024

cool reading glasses for women by prive revaux

Forget your grandma’s glasses! An evolution has now taken place for all types of eyewear, and the practical reading glasses of the past have become the bona fide fashion statements of the future. 

Fusing functionality with style, cool reading glasses in 2024 will be so hot, they’ll leave you feeling sultry as you proudly show them off to others every chance you get. 

The wide array of colors and shapes available today makes it easy for anyone to express their unique personality and fashion sensibility while enhancing their vision.

2024 Trends in Cool Reading Glasses

With reading glasses becoming such a key piece of your wardrobe next year, you’ll want to stay on top of all the latest design trends out of Hollywood. 
To make it easy for you, we’re spilling the tea on what to look for in the coolest designer reading glasses as you shop in 2024!

the lehigh reading glasses by prive revaux


Blue light blocking lenses, also known as blue light filtering lenses, are trendy these days because we’re all inundated with screens from morning until night. 

Designed to filter out the harmful effects of blue light that emanates from electronic devices like smartphones, tablets, and computers, these specialized lenses can protect you from eye strain. They can even prevent long-term vision problems for you in the future. 

Let’s face it: it’s unrealistic to avoid blue light altogether, thanks to the increasing prevalence of digital screens throughout our daily lives. But what you can do to protect your vision is to ensure that your new reading glasses have blue light-blocking lenses. 

Learn more about the different types of lenses available for reading glasses and sunglasses in our guide. All of the readers available on Privé Revaux have blue light-blocking lenses. And by ordering a pair today, you’ll see how effective blue blocker lenses are!


In the world of eyewear, frames play a pivotal role in determining which reading glasses are right for you. 

From a functional standpoint, frames offer the necessary structure, holding lenses at just the right position on your face and the perfect distance away from your eyes. With their stability, you can read and complete close-up tasks effortlessly and without being forced to squint.

In terms of style, the right frames transform reading glasses from a visual aid into a fashion accessory. 

Made in a variety of unique materials, shapes, colors, and patterns, you can find a pair of reading glasses that complement your face and make an aesthetic statement at the same time. 

Which style of frames should you choose?

Cat eye frames create a blend of retro and modern chic, while clear frames give you the look of minimalist elegance the moment you slip them on. 

Furthermore, thick-rimmed geometric frames invoke a bold and contemporary vibe, and round frames are timeless and versatile.

cool mens reading glasses

Featured Product: The Alchemist Reading Glasses

And not to be outdone by the other frame options, oversized frames offer a statement-making style, while square frames are sophisticated and refined. 

No matter which style you prefer most, Privé Revaux has what you need! Enhance your eyesight and style with our modern line of reading glasses in unisex, women’s, and men’s designs.

trendy reading glasses by prive revaux

Featured Product: The Visionary Reading Glasses

Celebrity Influence and Styling

Celebrities have always greatly impacted style, including which clothing trends have become popular over time and how those items are ultimately worn. These days, celebrity influence is so powerful in the fashion industry that it even affects accessory items like hats, shoes, scarves, jewelry, and, let’s not forget, reading glasses.

In all honesty, Mary J. Blige makes cat eye frames look sensational, and Matthew McConaughey sets the clear frames trend on fire.

the morphe designer reading glasses

Featured Product: The Morphe Reading Glasses

Plus, no good name-dropping is complete without mentioning how good Rihanna looks in her overly large, round frames or Taye Diggs in his tortoiseshell frames.

While you may not be a celebrity in your own right, you can certainly achieve your favorite celebrity looks with the affordable eyeglass designs available through Privé Revaux. 

Some fashion trends can be downright pricey, even prohibitively so, but our priced-right reading glasses make style available to discerning individuals like yourself.

the maestro reading glasses by prive revaux

Featured Product (tortoiseshell): The Maestro Reading Glasses

Choosing and Styling Your Reading Glasses

When choosing and styling your new reading glasses for the first time, there are several things you want to consider in order to put your best foot—or should we say eyes—forward. 

Face Shape

Face shape matters, so do your research into choosing the best frames for your face shape! Those of us with oval faces look fabulous in just about anything, but people with round faces typically want to find rectangle, square, or geometric frames to accent their features. 

If you have more of a square face, check out styles with round, aviator, or browline frames. And if you have a triangle or heart-shaped face, cat eye, wayfarer, or oval frames are your best bet.

Personal Style

Your personal style is essential when selecting a pair of eyeglasses. Think about your likes and dislikes and find a pair that meets your needs when it comes to your fashion statements. 

Lifestyle Needs

Your lifestyle needs also play a key role. Depending on your activity level, the fit and durability of each pair of eyeglasses will become a factor during the selection process.


You also want to keep your typical outfits in mind. If you usually dress casually, select a more casual eyeglass style. And if you usually dress formally, select a more formal eyeglass style.


On a daily styling basis, keep the occasion in mind. Having more than one pair of eyeglasses helps because you can mix and match your readers as needed.

Keeping these five things in mind will help you choose the right pair of readers for you and help you style them for daily wear.

the alchemist reading glasses

Enhance Your Look in 2024 with the Coolest Reading Glasses

When buying your next pair of trendy reading glasses, you don’t want to settle for less. You deserve the best designer reading glasses out there to see perfectly and look incredible every day. 

The good news is that you’re in luck! Privé Revaux has created a line of reader glasses for both men and women that offer just the right blend of affordability, trendiness, and quality you’ve been searching for.  

Your moment is here. Discover Privé Revaux's trendy and fabulous collection of reading glasses for 2024 today!  

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