Best Chunky Sunglasses & Thick Frame Glasses for 2024

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Recently, chunky sunglasses and thick frame glasses have made a striking return to the fashion scene. Blending the nostalgic allure of retro styles with contemporary flair, these bold frames are not just fashion statements—they're practical, too.

At Prive Revaux, we believe in the perfect marriage of style and functionality. Our curated selection of eyewear features some of the most sought-after chunky and thick-frame designs, crafted to enhance your personal style while providing comfort and protection. Whether you're updating your daily look or dressing for a special occasion, our collection has something for everyone.

Why Thick-Rimmed Glasses Are Gaining Popularity

2024 Trend Insights

Thick-rimmed glasses have taken center stage in the fashion world, thanks to their striking lines and standout looks. Celebrities and fashion icons often sport these frames, boosting their popularity among those looking to make a statement with their eyewear. At Prive Revaux, we are obsessed with all things trendy. From the sharp-angled The Victoria Sunglasses to the 80s vibe The Paris Sunglasses, we design eyewear meant to resonate with both current trends and timeless elegance.

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Why Wear Chunky Frames?

Beyond their visual appeal, chunky frames offer significant practical benefits. Their sturdy build makes them exceptionally durable, capable of handling daily wear and tear. The thicker frames also provide better coverage, shielding your eyes from UV rays and external elements effectively. For example, our Morningside Sunglasses not only feature a stylish design but also include high-quality lenses that ensure your eyes are well protected.

The options are endless, but how do you choose your perfect pair?

How to Choose the Perfect Chunky Sunglasses or Thick Frame Glasses

By Purpose

Basking in the Sun: For outdoor enthusiasts, choosing sunglasses like the Coffee PLS Sunglasses is key. These provide not only a stylish flair but also essential UV protection, shielding your eyes from harmful rays effectively.


thick sunglasses coffe pls

Reading and Digital Device Use: For those who spend hours reading or in front of screens, the La Marina Reader glasses are a perfect choice. They're crafted for comfort and clarity, featuring lenses that minimize blue light exposure, reducing eye strain during prolonged use.

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By Trending Styles

Oversized Sunglasses: The Double Tap Sunglasses are a prime example of chic, oversized frames that make a bold statement. Their expansive design is versatile, fitting various looks and occasions.

thick black frame sunglasses

Cat-Eye Sunglasses: The Victoria Sunglasses update the classic cat-eye style, adding a touch of retro glamour to your wardrobe.

cat eye chunky sunglasses

Black Square Sunglasses: For a modern touch, The Fit Check Sunglasses with their clear geometric lines are ideal, offering a contemporary edge to your ensemble.

black square sunglasses

By Face Shape

Chunky sunglasses can work well with a variety of face shapes, but they tend to look especially good on people with round or oval faces. This is because the chunky frames can help to balance out a round face and add definition to an oval face.

Round Faces: Opt for square or rectangular frames like The Double Tap Sunglasses to introduce angles and definition, contrasting nicely with softer, rounded facial contours.

round face shape measurements

Oval Faces: Oval faces are versatile; however, angular glasses such as square or rectangular frames can create a striking contrast and highlight facial features.

oval face shape measurements

Heart-Shaped Faces: Choose frames that are wider at the bottom. Oversized or cat-eye styles work well to balance the narrower chin typical of heart-shaped faces.

heart shape face measurements

Square Faces: Soften the angularity with round or oval frames, which provide a gentle, harmonizing effect.

square face shape measurements

Faces That May Not Benefit from Chunky Glasses: Individuals with very small or delicate features might find chunky frames too overwhelming. Thinner or more subtly designed frames often offer a more flattering look in such cases.

By Color

Classic Black: Opting for black thick sunglasses offers versatility, suiting almost every skin tone and integrating smoothly into any style wardrobe.

black chunky sunglasses

Vibrant Colors: Choose frames in bold colors to infuse personality into your look. These can complement elements of your clothing or accessories, creating a unified aesthetic.

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By Lifestyle

Active Lifestyle: For those active in sports or physical activities, sturdy and snug-fitting styles like The Fit Check Sunglasses  are crucial to ensure the glasses remain secure during movements.

Professional Settings: For a professional appearance, sleek designs like The Morphe Reader provide a sophisticated look suitable for business environments.

thick frame reading glasses

Casual Wear: Versatile styles such as the Coffee PLS Sunglasses  are perfect for everyday use, blending functionality with a casual design that easily transitions between activities.


Styling Thick Frame Glasses and Sunglasses

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Pair with Simple Outfits

Let your glasses be the star of your ensemble by pairing bold frames with simple, understated outfits. This approach highlights the glasses as the main attraction of your look, drawing all eyes to your stylish choice.

Match with Bold Clothing

For a dynamic, unified look, match your chunky glasses with bold clothing items. This technique is especially effective with lively patterns or rich textures that enhance the standout nature of your frames, creating a fashion-forward vibe.

For Formal Occasions

Choose sleek, dark-colored frames to introduce an element of elegance and sophistication to your formal attire. These frames mingle effortlessly with formal outfits, elevating your style quotient without dominating the ensemble.

Ready to Elevate Your Look?

Choosing the right thick frame glasses or sunglasses can transform your style, enhancing your personal aesthetic while complementing various aspects of your lifestyle. Whether you're dressing down for a casual day out or suiting up for a formal event, the right pair of chunky frames can make a significant impact. Remember, the key to successful eyewear styling lies in balancing the boldness of the frames with the context of your outfit and the occasion. Experiment with different styles and colors to discover the perfect pair that not only looks great but also feels right for you. With these tips, you're well on your way to showcasing your unique style and confidence through your eyewear choices.

Discover the perfect blend of style, comfort, and protection that suits your personality and lifestyle with Prive Revaux chunky sunglasses and thick frame glasses today.

Frequently Asked Questions

What face shapes do thick frame sunglasses flatter?

Thick frame sunglasses can work well with a variety of face shapes, but they tend to be especially flattering for:

  • Round faces: The chunky frames can help to balance out the roundness of the face.
  • Oval faces: Thick frames can add definition to an oval face.

Do thick rimmed glasses look good on everyone?

Not necessarily, but thick-rimmed glasses can be a great look for many people. Here are some things to consider:

  • Face shape: As mentioned above, they can be particularly flattering for round and oval faces.
  • Personal style: Thick-rimmed glasses can make a bold statement, so consider if that fits your style.

Are thick frames still in style?

Absolutely! Thick-framed glasses and sunglasses have been a popular trend for several years now, and they're not going anywhere anytime soon. They can add a touch of retro flair to any outfit and come in a variety of styles to suit different tastes.

How to care for thick frame glasses?

Treat your thick-framed glasses just like any other glasses:

  • Clean them with a microfiber cloth and lens cleaner. Avoid harsh chemicals or paper towels that can scratch the lenses.
  • Store them in a hard case when you're not wearing them to protect them from scratches and damage.

What are thick frame glasses made of?

Thick-framed glasses can be made from a variety of materials, including:

  • Acetate: A popular choice because it's strong, durable, and comes in various colors and patterns.
  • Plastic: Lightweight and affordable option, but may not be as durable as acetate.
  • Metal: Offers a classic look and can be very durable.
  • Wood: Less common but provides a unique and natural aesthetic.

What are oversized sunglasses called?

Oversized sunglasses don't have a single specific name, but some common terms include:

  • Oversized sunglasses (descriptive term)
  • Chunky sunglasses (emphasizes the thickness of the frame)
  • Large frame sunglasses (descriptive term)

Do thick frames block more UV rays?

The thickness of the frame itself doesn't necessarily determine UV protection. Look for sunglasses that label UV protection (UVA and UVB) to ensure your eyes are shielded.

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